About Competition

The event is being dubbed as “CSSOFF” and is a competition for front-end student developers. They will show off their skills in a no-holds barred display of CSS and markup schematics. All students who want to participate in the competition can download the PSD. They’ll then be given one week to apply some serious CSS hacks to win some awesome prizes and bragging rights as well! You will have to design a webpage similar to image using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can also use Jquery, AJAX and other libraries or frameworks.
Please read all the rules carefully.


You only need to create the one page from the mockup. It is a single page website.

Everything present in the design mockup must be in your finished design, at a minimum. If you wish, expand upon what is there. Just remember that you are being judged on everything that you do. Adding extras may set your design above the others or may sink it.

The code should mostly validate via W3C online validation services. Doesn't have to be perfect but should be pretty darn close. We will decide what "close" means.

You can use any images/icons instead of the original one but the size should be same.

Designs do not have to look the same in every browser. However, the design should be perfectly usable in any browser, with no areas that appear to be mistakes or broken.

Submissions will be tested in modern and legacy browsers.

You should mail your entry to mail@webdevlabs.in

The final due date for all entries is April 3, 2014.

The top 3 scores will be posted online on our facebook page whenever winners are announced.


All scores add up to a maximum of 100 points.


User Experience

Browser Support & Optimization




First Prize - Rs. 2500

Second Prize - Rs. 1500

Third Prize - Rs. 1000